Online Uke Tuner

Welcome to UkeTune.com! Above is a free online uke tuner. The tuner consists of four buttons - one for each string of your ukulele. When pressed, they will repeat the note that the string of your uke should be. Let the note sound while you adjust the tuning pegs on your ukulele. When the note matches, move onto the next string. Enjoy!

How to use the tuner

It doesn't matter if you're the best musician on the planet - if your instrument is out of tune, you're going to sound awful. The first step before you even play is making sure it's tuned correctly. If you've ever been to the orchestra, you'll notice the very first thing they do is tune. Usually the oboe plays an A and the other instruments tune to it. We'll be doing the same type of thing here, but instead of an oboe we'll tune to the UkeTune.com webapp above.

Ukuleles come in many different tunings, and some even have more than 4 strings. For the purposes of this site, we.ll be dealing with a standard ukulele - one with 4 strings and in the standard GCEA tuning. We also assume you're playing a right handed ukulele. If you're playing lefty, simply flip the instructions around.

Which string is which?

String #1: A (closest to the ground)
String #2: E
String #3: C
String #4: G (closest to the ceiling)

Tune it up!

Each string is connected to a tuning peg. As you tighten the peg, the string goes up in pitch; as you loosen it the string goes down in pitch. Usually only a very tiny adjustment is needed for the pitch to change.

Begin by pressing the G button on the app above - it'll start repeating a G note. While it's playing, pluck string #4 on your uke. Is your string lower in pitch or higher in pitch in comparison? Loosen or tighten the peg as needed until the notes match up. Once they're the same pitch, click the button for the next note and move onto the next string on your ukulele. Repeat until you're perfectly in tune! It may take some time and practice to develop your ear, but soon you'll be tuning up quickly.

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